If you are diagnosed with internal cancer or malignant melanoma (this excludes all other skin cancer) you will be paid the benefit amount you elected, $5,000, $10,000, up to $50,000. 
Optional Rider Benefit: There are 2 riders available, they are optional and have a small additional cost.
 Intensive Care Unit Rider: pays a daily benefit of $300 or $600 for a maximum of 45 days during any one hospitalization when confined to a Hospital Intensive Care Unit for injury or sickness.
Cancer Screening Benefit Rider: ​pays a maximum of $50 per calendar year for each Covered Person for cancer screening tests. 
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Cancer First Occurrence

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Why Cancer Insurance?
You are probably thinking, "I have health insurance, why would I need cancer insurance too?" Cancer insurance provides a safety net in fighting the financial consequences of cancer that result beyond traditional health insurance. Living expenses such as car payments, mortgages or rent and utility bills continue, whether you are able to work or not. Your spouse or another family member may have to take time off of work to take you to treatments or help take care of you, so the loss of income may be doubled. There also could be the cost of meals, lodging, fuel, childcare or household help. Manhattan Life Assurance pays benefits directly to you and you can use the money however you decide.
Cancer Care Plus
​Cancer and Dread Disease Insurance 
There are 5 different benefit packages to choose from. They all cover a cancer screening test and have a first occurrence benefit, daily hospital confinement benefit, surgical benefit, radiation, chemotherapy and many other benefits. These plans also cover 27 other dread diseases under the policy. See the list of these and the plan details under benefit options tab on the link below. 
Optional Riders: There are additional riders available that are optional for a small additional cost.
Intensive Care Unit Rider
Benefit for Step-Down Unit
If you are interested in this plan or to enroll click on the link below:
Manhattan Life Cancer Care Plus Quote or Enroll