Gary McIntosh, CLU President
Gary began his long association in the
insurance industry in 1968. Gary was a Northwestern Mutual Life agent for many years. 

Susan Booth, Vice President
Mary Ross, Office Manager
Sherry Stewart, Marketing Director 
212 South Street              PO Box 631                             Iola, KS 66749                                      620-365-3523

Mary started at McIntosh/Booth Insurance in September 1996. She became a licensed Health Insurance Agent in September 2013. Mary handles so many things in our office, the list would go on and on. She is the first face you see when you come in our office and the voice you hear when you call.
Sherry started with us in January 2015. She became a licensed Life and Health Insurance Agent in August 2017. She has been in the insurance business for over 25 years.
Susan joined her father in the insurance business in 1991. She became a licensed Life and Health Insurance agent in 1994.
Gary, Susan and Sherry at Cedar Rapids, IA learning about a new carrier they have started representing.